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Japan: 2 Hour Presentation Happening For Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Legendary developer Suda51 has revealed that there will be a special 2 hour presentation happening in Japan for his forthcoming title for the Nintendo Switch, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. The lengthy event promises to include a “huge announcement” that you should all look out for. You can watch the stream on the 20th December at 2am PT / 5am ET / 10am UK / 11am CET. 

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    1. While I’d love to trust Suda51 on this one… yeah, it looks rather weak as of right now.
      Some of his work is really, really fantastic – I will defend No More Heroes 1 and 2 to death -, some of it is really, really… not good.
      And it’s disheartening because that man puts his very soul into each of his games. But that doesn’t make them good games (actually playable, not too frustrating an experience, fun), it just makes them works of art by Suda51. That’s cool for him ; not so much for us gamers.

    1. ONLY if Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is a very successful game. You need to recognize… especially the two trolls who’s completely triggered and jelly that an NMH spin-off is a Switch exclusive. You want No More Heroes 3, buy Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. Otherwise… get N or get out!

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