Possible Third Poster For Sonic Movie Appears Online

A new poster for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has found its way online and gives us a better idea of what to expect for the design of the iconic protagonist. The poster is apparently from last year and Sonic’s actual design doesn’t look as bad as some had feared from the initial teaser poster which caused plenty of debate online. 


Thanks to Magitroopa for the tip!


  1. If this isn’t the true design for the Sonic movie, I’m going to be very sad.

    Hell, even Woody Woodpecker (Pica Pau) looks more faithful in live-action.

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  2. Something isn’t right about these supposed posters. The first two looked really fake, and nothing like this Sonic, but since this one is supposed to be from last year, does that mean this is not the current design? This looks way more believable though.

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  3. His body still looks awful. Sonic deserve better than this… Maybe they should let Nintendo take the reign of Sonic or someone like Atlust or Platinum which are part of SEGA (I don’t know much about these two companies).


  4. That’s f.u.cking Chris Pratt! Chris Pratt isn’t in the Sonic film so this poster is fake as hell! I wouldn’t be surprised if this was some Guardians of the Galaxy poster with Starlord and Rocket Raccoon.

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  5. I though sonic just had an attitude problem and he wasn’t a dick. (His shoes are on his “friend’s” head)


    1. Some might hate it but I’d say Ugandan Knuckles is one of the best memes ever, so it’s 100x better than this abomination.


  6. I guess the reason why almost every movie version of the character would be different than those from a video game could be copyright policies or laws that would prohibit them to use their work for something else in particular.


    1. No, there really is no such policies or laws.
      It is only up to agreement within IP holder and who is licensing the use of their property.
      Someone just thinks these would be good ideas.

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  7. Need to update the article. This was some concept art from last year, not a movie poster of what Sonic is going to look like in the movie.


    1. It’s concept art from last year, actually. Either someone found it and mislabeled it as a new poster or Paramount released it and claimed it was a poster because of the backlash for the real poster.


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