US: The Most Talked About Games On Twitter During 2018

Twitter has shared which games received the most tweets and mentions on the popular social network from users in the United States. It was clear what the number one title would be this year and that was Epic Games Fortnite which became a social phenomenon during 2018. Here were the most talked about video games in the United States this year:

  • “Fortnite”
  • “Call of Duty”
  • “Overwatch”
  • “Pokémon”
  • “EA Sports Madden NFL”
  • “NBA 2K”
  • “Super Mario”
  • “Super Smash Brothers”
  • “Splatoon”
  • “Grand Theft Auto”



    1. Yeah. You took the words out of my mouth. I’m surprised Overwatch is so high, surprised it’s there at all, and surprised Spiderman is not there.

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