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Japan: SEGA Ages: Gain Ground Launches 27th December

SEGA has finally revealed the release date for the next title in the beloved SEGA Ages collection. SEGA Ages: Gain Ground will be launching in Japan on the Nintendo Switch on the 27th of December, which is only a couple of days away. You will be able to purchase it for 925 Yen. Here are the additional features that the Nintendo Switch version will contain.

The First Port of the Arcade Version

Gain Ground was ranked number four in a 2016-released most wanted ports ranking (based on the results of a Sega 3D Classics Collection survey), and was the number one title if you exclude racing games. While it has been ported to Sega Saturn, PC Engine, PlayStation 2, and other platforms, it has never been faithfully ported since it uses an overwhelmingly high detail screen resolution and vertical monitor. But the arcade version will finally return on Nintendo Switch.

Convenient Features and Additional Elements

In addition to the newly implemented “Full Member Mode,” where all 20 characters are available from the start, the game is fully equipped with convenient features such as a “Helper” that returns you to the moment before you slipped up, the overseas edition where three players can play at the same time, network rankings, the ability to play vertically in table mode, and more.


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