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Video: Zoids Wild King Of Blast Nintendo Switch Demo

Takara Tomy has announced and previewed a demo for Zoids: Wild King of Blast demo is now available in the January 2019 issue of Monthly CoroCoro Comic. The company has released some footage of the demo for the Nintendo Switch game which is due out on the 28th of February in Japan. A western release for the game has yet to be announced. You can view the footage in the video below at the 2:08 to 7:47 mark.

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17 thoughts on “Video: Zoids Wild King Of Blast Nintendo Switch Demo”

      1. Earlier the mobile version (on iPad for me) was a little off. The huge picture was jittery when scrolling and the stories were not really aligned horizontally for lack of a better description. Right now it’s like before so it’s ok but maybe that’s what Sid meant. PC version when I last checked wise nice however. Keep up the good work though as change is always refreshing ;)

    1. A lot of things that aren’t as popular today in the west as they were in the 90s are still massively popular in Japan. Beyblade, Digimon, Zoids, & a few others are still pretty popular in Japan and have a cult following over here in the west.

      1. Zoids has been dead for years. Wild is a 2018 resurrection, much like how the franchise was dead before it was revived in the early 00’s.

        Digimon has been on life support the past few years with Vita games, fanservice and the Tri movies to target 90s kid otakus, but I hear it is apparently planning to pick up steam after the relevancy of the Tri movies. All the latest vpet models were made-to-preorder premium bandai store exclusives, it’s that niche.

        Beyblade is still a thing in the west.

    1. I can’t find any news about Zoids Wild heading westward. Probably won’t be brought over until Hasbro sees x amounts of model kits sold in Japan, or x amount of western Nintendo Labo sales.

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