EDGE’s Favourite Games Of 2018

UK publication EDGE magazine has published their favourite games of 2018. There are categories for each platform as well as best hardware and best publisher etc. The game which captured EDGE’s heart this year was Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar Games. Interestingly, God of War, which seems to have won quite a few Game of the Year awards, is noticeably absent from the top ten. Here’s EDGE’s favourite games and products of 2018:

PlayStation GOTY: 

  1. Tetris Effect
  2. Astro Bot
  3. God of War

Xbox GOTY: 

  1. Forza Horizon 4
  2. Sea of Thieves
  3. Game Pass

Nintendo GOTY: 

  1. Super Smash Bros Ultimate
  2. Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion
  3. Octopath Traveller


  1. Return of the Obra Dinn
  2. Pillars of Eternity II
  3. Subnautica


  1. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission
  2. Tetris Effect
  3. Persistence

Best Visual Design: 

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2
  2. Return of the Obra Dinn
  3. Chuchel

Best Audio Design: 

  1. Tetris Effect
  2. Return of the Obra Dinn
  3. Red Dead Redemption 2

Best Storytelling: 

  1. Return of the Obra Dinn
  2. Red Dead Redemption 2
  3. The Banner Saga 3

Best Hardware: 

  1. PSVR
  2. Xbox Adaptive Controller
  3. Nintendo Labo

Best Living Game: 

  1. Fortnite
  2. Destiny 2
  3. Overwatch

Best Publisher:

  1. Sony Interactive Entertainment
  2. Nintendo
  3. Enhance Games

Best Studio:

  1. Epic Games
  2. Rockstar Games
  3. Sony Japan Studio

Overall GOTY: 

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2
  2. Tetris Effect
  3. Return of the Obra Dinn
  4. Into The Breach
  5. Astro Bot
  6. Hollow Knight
  7. Monster Hunter World
  8. Smash Bros Ultimate
  9. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadline
  10. The Banner Saga 3

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  1. Game pass and DLC aren’t games.
    And Sony is not a good publisher.
    And why is Epic games best studio when their game isn’t even on the GOTY list?
    And why is Destiny 2 on any ‘best’ list?

    1. because as a studio epic making ton of money lol. yes destiny 2 is on second best living games, do you know what it means?

      1. A developer makes games. If they can’t even make something on the top 10 then they’re clearly not the best at making games.
        Activision gave away free copies of Destiny 2 to all Blizzard account holders a month or so ago in a desperate attempt to convince people to play that microtransaction ridden garbage.

      2. fortnite is not the best game right now, but as a studio epic really do a great job how they handle and read the battle royale market. they gave a constant and free update, listen to their community, etc.

        about destiny 2, do you know about “living game” right?

  2. Also, no Soulja Game Console GOTY category? That graphically enhanced Super Mario Bros port looks dope with the screen tearing filters they added. Truly a pinnacle of how far technology has come.

  3. It’s a pretty odd list but any list made by people is going to have some strange choices. I don’t know why PSVR is the best hardware when it was released in 2016. Edge are a bit weird though

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