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Natsume: New Announcements Coming “In The Near Future”

Harvest Moon has been an incredibly successful series so it will be interesting to see what Natsume is working on next. In a recent Tumblr post the company wrote a post about their new year plans, in it they teased that they are working on several new titles which they hope will please fans.

Last year, 2018 was one of the best years for us in recent history.

We released our latest entry in the Harvest Moon franchise, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition in May for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The title performed well beyond our forecast and even set new sales record with the number of both physical and digital combined.

In addition, we released the mobile version for iPhone and Android in September. Both releases are also performing very well.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is our first truly multi-platform title playable on Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4, Steam, iPhone and Android. This title has performed very well on all platforms thanks to loyal Harvest Moon fans, and we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the fans for their continued support.

We are currently working on several new titles that will be announced in the near future, to continue to please our worldwide fans in 2019 and beyond.

Our company mission for the past 24 years has always been, and will continue to be, to “Make Everyone Happy” with exciting, interactive entertainment software for the entire family. At Natsume, “Everyone” means all of our customers, Natsume employees, and all of the people we work with, such as our development partners, our distribution partners, retailers, financial institutions, media, and all of the people who are directly or indirectly connected with Natsume and our products.

We at Natsume are committed to continuing our corporate mission to “Make Everyone Happy,” and we would appreciate your continued support.

Wishing “Everyone” a very happy, healthy, and wonderful New Year!


14 thoughts on “Natsume: New Announcements Coming “In The Near Future””

  1. I bet Light of Hope only sold good because many people still dont know that the “real” Harvest Moon is from Marvelous and is now called Story of Seasons.

      1. Thanks for the ‘poor fools’, but yes… they are mainline since Let’s Go is actually Yellow on steroids. And as specified by developers. Spin-offs usually have different mechanics and sells low.
        I’m actually appreciating Let’s Go more than the Yellow, luckily they have respected the first game while refining it. Still the higher price (of both the console and the game) it’s probably unpopular amongst children (parents).

        1. Thanks to Christopher Ryan on here, people & Nintendo can keep the mainline tag for the Let’s GO games since, as Ryan said, mainline can mean all kinds of things. But it’s still a spin-off as it’s not part of the main series. If it stuck with everything the main series games did, I’d let it slide but it doesn’t. Not being able to battle wild Pokemon & only being able to throw PokeBalls at them eliminates it as a main series game. And if it’s not part of the main series, it’s a spin-off. I don’t care what fancy little words Nintendo wants to use (or make up, like that open air crap; BotW’s an open world game, Nintendo, so only fools are buying that “open air” shit) to trick the masses. Companies lie. Nintendo is no exception.

          1. There is no ‘main’ serie, all episodes are independent, different setting, different features, etc.
            There are classic games with classic gameplay and there are actual spin-off with completely different mechanics: Snap, Go, etc.
            Let’s Go is classic, that’s it. 100% RPG with just tweaked mechanics. If you don’t like it doesn’t mean that’s a spin-off since even its developers says that’s a ‘core’ game.
            They already tweaked mechanics on older games. The new capture mode has been appreciated by almost anyone, except for the need to launch the Pokeball (that sometimes miss off).

            1. The guy in charge of Pokemon games these days is an idiot. You didn’t pay attention to Pokemon til the Let’s GO spin-offs came around so of course you’d believe whatever stupid shit comes out of his mouth. You can enjoy the Let’s GO games, but it won’t change the fact they aren’t part of the main series since main series games let you battle both trainer Pokemon AND wild Pokemon. It’s basically just an over-glorified Safari Zone game with trainer battles mixed in. But hey! If you really believe it’s main series, Amy Pascal at Sony Pictures would like to tell you that Venom is part of the MCU, too! (It’s not but casual fans will fall for anything.)

              1. The man in charge is the same old man that helped developing Yellow. Battling one and not the other is just a tweak in the gameplay, a welcome tweak for me, and I started with Pokemon Red, I know how tedious was to battle continuosly and grinding. They took this away, that’s not making a ‘spin-off’, just making the old song more palatable to both old and new fans.
                Do you know how much trainers there are? They are like infinite! Also wild Pokemon were so weak to not giving any challenge, it was just beating poor animals. They also now SHOW UP. It’s BETTER now. Same old fashion but BETTER.

            2. No. Venom isn’t the best example of a developer/producer lying to people. CBS’s Star Trek Discovery is far more appropriate. Alex Kurtzmann wants fools to believe STD is part of the Prime Timeline (that’s the nickname for the Star Trek stuff that occurred before the Star Trek movie by JJ Abrams kickstarted an alternate timeline) when it’s really not. It’s just a lie that the owners of Star Trek want people to believe so they’ll watch their terrible Star Trek shows like Discovery or that new Picard show that’s coming.

              1. Don’t know about Star Trek. To me it died with the first three classic seasons. NG was good but ST to me it’s Kirk and the others with that classic setting, where it reached it’s apex. Like The Twilight Zone… not bad the one in colors, but apex was reached with the BW series.

      1. +Overlord Infinite Ridley
        First thing to say; It’s actually Gamefreak that’s claiming they are mainline Pokemon Games, I’ve yet to see Nintendo also make this claim.
        Secondly, technically they are not spin-offs but they also are not “main series” either. They’re not spin-offs because they do employ the game format of the main series in battles but they are not apart of the main series because they take the base concept and change aspects such as how wild battles are done. A Spin-off takes a franchise and shoves it into a completely different direction such as with games like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Rumble. It’s also for this reason that I do not count Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD as spin-offs.
        Besides, Gamefreak are being very selective in their wording, so far they’ve just said “Main Line” and “Core-RPG” but they’ve not said they are “Main Series”. “Main Line” can be interpreted in many different ways, I mean if we wanna get into definitions, “Main Line” is the word for railway tracks which obviously has nothing to do with Pokemon.

  2. Light of Hope was massively better than the hot garbage that was the previous two Harvest Moon/Natsume ‘original’ titles.

    That said, it was still super bare bones and got boring very quickly. The characters were a little more lively, but barely.

    If they’re making a new title then I hope a lot more effort is put into the world, the music, and most importantly, the characters and their dialogue.

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