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Bandai Namco Filed Trademarks For Nintendo Entertainment System Games

A number of trademarks have been spotted which were filed for Bandai Namco. The trademarks are related to games available on the Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan. These titles were more than likely trademarked for the purpose of joining the Nintendo Entertainment System app for Nintendo Switch Online members.

  • “Battle City” (2018-152914)
  • “Warpman” (2018-152915)“
  • Final Lap” (2018-152916)
  • “Family Pinball” (2018-152917) (known as Rock ‘n Ball in the west)
  • “Aratanaru Densetsu” (2018-152918) (the Japanese subtitle to the Nintendo Entertainment System game Dragon Spirit: The New Legend)



  1. The NES streaming service needs to get games like Bayou Billy Or that one skateboard game I played as a kid where you could actually let your character go SPLAT!! onto the pavement. xD

    Otherwise, the thing is only good for Super Mario Bros 1 & 3 for me. In other words, hurry the FUCK up with an SNES service!

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