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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Adds A Secret Playable Character

A Youtuber has discovered that there is a secret playable character in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe which is available today around the world. The secret character is Blue Toad who many thought Nintendo had neglected in favour of Toadette. That simply isn’t the case as Youtuber Beard Bear. To play as Blue Toad all you need to do is hold L or ZL on the character select screen when Yellow Toad is highlighted. Have fun!

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17 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Adds A Secret Playable Character”

  1. Blue Toad really is the rising star of the video game industry. Not only is he now Daisy’s body guard, but now he’s THE secret character of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe? Definitely my favorite B-List video game character. You go, Blue Toad.

  2. That’s cool. Still not enough to get me to buy, though. *thinks* Oi! Why didn’t they add a feature where you can pick more than just a Yellow or Blue Toad? Mario Kart 8 did it by allowing you to choose the color of your Yoshi. Oh & I think they did it with the Shy Guy, too!

    1. Omega Overlord barney the purple dinosaur

      Mario Kart 8 did it but also didn’t because you couldn’t pick any colour for Toad at all.

    1. I would be okay with this. Yes I want Waluigi to be playable in smash bros, but I want a Toad to be playable too. Toad has been playable in so many video games.

    1. Nope Blue Toad is just an alternate skin for Yellow toad. If you’re playing 4 player someone still has to play as an easy character.

  3. I find the sudden discovery of Blue Toad as a playable character for Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe quite odd. A lot of the players wonder where the blue bup is and even almost forgot about the poor thing. The question is: Why did Nintendo hid Blue Toad? I think going for another slot to get to Toadette is no big deal. After all, the difficulty would still not decrease with Blue Toad around and the original 4 player experience would still remain.

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