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Dataminer Discovers Unannounced Nintendo Switch Online SNES Games

It was only a matter of time before Super Nintendo games started appearing on the Nintendo Switch Online paid subscription service and it looks as though they are due to be announced fairly soon. Dataminer KapuccinoHeck has discovered a vast number of games that are due to be announced for the service. Here’s what the dataminer has discovered:

73 thoughts on “Dataminer Discovers Unannounced Nintendo Switch Online SNES Games”

    1. Only if virtual console was a subscription service like Switch online would this be a good idea. Paying individually for games that you can get for a nominal fee via the service is stupid.

      1. Haha, you don’t own anything digital. Just look at the last virtual console. I bought a bunch of games from there and where they at? Gone when they shut it down.

        They should have kept that going and available for the switch.

      2. I feel you man. I think Nintendo is being very carefully when it comes this things. There are factors to consider to make virtual console as subscription. If they do consider this, it might come as an option. We will see what Nintendo has in store for us in future.

    2. I would much rather a subscription service for these games. I like to buy and own games, but only in physical copy. If these games are digital only anyway, it is SO much cheaper to just pay for the subscription service and be able to play them all, then to have to pay for each individually. You know they would cost like $5 each,and I’m not spending over $20 on these games as it is so I would only purchase like 4 of them even though I want to play over a dozen or so.

    3. They should just make compilation releases like Sega did for Genesis instead of releasing them one piece at a time or requiring a sub.

    4. Okay I’m going to stop you here.

      You can’t upgrade and make a service better if you offer it for free. It’s unfortunate, but that’s how life works. PSN didn’t get “better” til it became a paid for service. Even then, due to Sony’s greed, it’s only gotten marginally better and not significantly better.

      Nothing can beat the network infrastructure that Microsoft set up. Especially considering they are a software company first and first party game developer second. But they had the money invested in to it from the beginning.

      1. @gamingfan2009 Steam doesnt count since it has almost a monopoly on the digital distribution platform on PC. To the point where they dont bother making new games anymore.

    5. I own what I find important for my retro collection physically. I’ve NEVER bought a digital game through virtual console on Wii or Wii U. As those games have never transferred and modern 3D consoles tend to enter retirement for me, “owned” digital copies on a console die. I did buy a few 3DS 3D classics since those added something of value. A subscription service on the Switch with a large enough library would be exceedingly useful.

      1. @frogopus,
        Exactly. Digital games are a complete waste of money. I had a batch of virtual console games on my Wii (some of which were free). But then something screwed up in my Wii console, and I lost all games and saves that were stored. That just confirmed my negative attitude towards digital games. It really is the equivalent of throwing your money into the air and watching it blow away.

    1. My guess is that they’ll hold off on all the great SNES games just like they did with the NES games, then the others will trickle down after a while

    1. Agreed on NES, but SNES games are a very welcome addition. A lot of my favorite games are SNES and I never owned a SNES as a kid

      1. A somewhat similar situation happen to me but with the games instead of the consoles. As a kid, I used to think that I could rent the games every weekend forever, but as we know, this was far from being a reality. I luckily was able to to buy Super Metroid, Megaman 7 to the store who used to rent those games but the other games like Megaman X and Megaman X2 were already purchased by other persons.

    2. Woah woah, snes over 64 for me. I’m here waiting for snes cause nes games are 80% aged bad or unpolished ideas. SNES is golden age. I’d be hype for n64 games tho. Here’s hoping for both!!!

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  2. Now we know Nintendo could be releasing online versions of these games. I wonder if it will go up to N64 or heck, even Gamecube. If they ever do reach up to N64, I’m all in for this service. Although my biggest concern is if they have to increase the price from 20$ to 60$ in order for the servers to be paid for those types of games. I may consider my decision if they do that.

  3. I mean, this isn’t surprising. Nintendo stated early on (before the Nintendo Online Service came to be) that SNES games would be playable online. In fact, I believe their approach to selling the idea was representing Super Mario Kart as a online multiplayer based experience. The addition of SNES games wasn’t a matter of “if”, but simply a matter of “when”. It seems as though Nintendo is certainly dragging out each addition to the NOS (Nintendo Online Service). Two games a month is certainly not enough to keep my attention, and the fact of paying $20 a year seems trivial. I am not complaining specifically about the “$20 a year”. That is simply money, I can afford that. It is the idea that I (personally) am not receiving any compensation for paying for their online subscription other than the ability to play online (which was already possible for free). I understand that they have NES games that I can play online with friends, but the fact of the matter is, I don’t care. I own a real NES and an NES Classic, and I’ve run those games into the ground. Even with the addition of SNES games, I still find the same issue. I own an SNES Classic, and the supposed multiplayer does not seem enticing enough to draw me into their service. I, however, will continue to pay the yearly subscription because I do enjoy multiplayer on all of my other games. I understand that this service is not specifically (nor should it specifically be) tailored to fit me personally. It fits a broad spectrum of Nintendo players. I just find room for disappointment when I can not enjoy the compensation given to me for paying into their subscription. I love NES games. I love SNES games. But I’m ready to move on. I’d like to play something new. This is where the idea of N64, Gameboy, and GameCube games come in. I do miss Virtual Console not for the reason that I had to purchase each game over again for an exorbitant amount of money, but for the reason that all the games were available then and there (not specifically locked behind a “two games a month” ordeal), and the fact that it ranged from a bunch of different consoles. I am not upset, or looking to argue, but I did want to express my issues with the current system. I can only go into the future looking hopeful for a change. I suppose we will wait and see, won’t we?

    1. stop complaining partner about 20 bucks a year, the service is not perfect i give you that but it has good things like the cloud save backup that i just used two days ago because i bought a new switch and backed up all my game saves it worked like a charm. The virtual console is going to get better in time they will add more consoles so that alone its worth 20 bucks a year for me and the online itself its good i don’t see the difference between my switch and my ps4 when i play online it works fine so i don’t get the complains. oh and also i get that its a paywall but hey everybody is doing it.

      1. Actually, people should complain. Complaints is why things are even improved upon to begin with. We didn’t get to where we are today because people kept their mouths shut & took whatever others threw at us with a smile and a thank you.

  4. Stunt Race FX ??? … I thought that game would never be seen again. Sure, it doesn’t hold up, runs at less than half SD resolution, and even then at 10-2 FPS … but there was always something about the charm of that game I really loved.

    I hope this is true (SNES games were already certain to come … eventually). There are a bunch of fantastic games in there. Also, Nintendo REALLY Needs it’s own Non-Kart Road&Track Racing franchise. I wouldn’t mind if it came in the form of an FX Spiritual successor With floaty wheels and Headlight Eyes, but complex traction and suspension physics. That would be So Nintendo. Yay StuntRace/StuntTrax FX!

  5. What frustrates me (in a stubborn nerd sort of way) is that this would be the perfect opportunity to finally make the FINAL, Difinitive version of Super Mario World widely available to everyone … but of Course Nintendo Won’t.

    Late in the SNES Life, a SECOND version of Mario All-Stars was released with Mario World also included … and that version had various tweaks and bug fixes that made it the Best version, most notably a Unique Luigi sprite (he’s just a recolor in the standard version) with ‘Luigi’ physics. Even though Nintedo patched their own game with a superior 1.1 version, every VC release after was just the base 1.0. … and I’d be shocked if the All-Star version doesn’t stay locked in their vault forever … for no good reason … because ‘Nintendo’.

    1. If it’s the same game as Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2, I fucking loved that version more than the SNES original. I wish they’d release that version of the game (along with the updated Link to the Past, too) instead of the SNES original. Those versions spoiled me & I don’t want to ever go back to the original versions. Same for if they released the Gamecube original of Wind Waker. Wind Waker HD or I don’t care. I refuse to go back to dealing with that greedy Tingle for more than 3 or 4 Triforce Charts! I’m sure Twilight Princess HD is a good upgrade to the GCN original, too, so I’d rather not go back to the GCN or Wii version for that, either.

      1. *smacks the back of your head* I’ve seen enough of Metroid Bane’s comments to know he’s not a “pretendo.” Others want more bang for their buck and, for some if not most, Nintendo Switch Online isn’t quite there yet.

        Myself, for instance. I still consider it a half assed attempt at copying Sony & Microsoft’s paid online subscriptions as you get more than just very old games, cloud saves, & access to online gaming from them. Sure Nintendo’s is cheaper but that’s because Nintendo doesn’t offer much for theirs (at the moment.) If they can keep the 20 dollar price tag if & when their paid online is on par with Sony & Microsoft’s, then I’ll consider Nintendo’s paid online better than both. Til then, even at 60 bucks (which, like 20 bucks, isn’t really that much for a yearly subscription), Sony’s is better than Nintendo’s. (Knowing Microsoft, theirs is probably even better than Sony’s since Microsoft is the king of online home console gaming.)

  6. Some SNES games will be nice, especially if they get some of the quality RPGs. Personally though, I’d like to see some GBA games, they’d look good on the handheld mode.

    And personally, as nice as it would be, I don’t see many GameCube games being on the Switch. The unique L and R buttons were too important in most of the games.

      1. It would be possible. But tying the games to the GC controller would be as unfair as if they had tied the NES games to the NES Joycons. I personally think that they will just not release the GC games. Which is a pity.

      2. However, if they had a GameCube collection on disk that CAME with a controller and a connector. That would work out great.

    1. I’d much rather get HD remasters of GCN games than a GCN streaming service. Games like Super Mario Sunshine, Eternal Darkness, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Baten Kaitos, and Baten Kaitos Origins to name a few deserve some updates in graphics, quality, & controls. At only 20 bucks a year, I don’t expect that kind of work done on those games for a bonus GCN streaming service.

      1. Not a bad idea, though if they lower the price to $/£50 it will be better. That being said, I miss playing Donkey Kong 64 and everything that can transport me back to playing it would be very nice. So probably I’ll buy a 64 controller even if they just lower the price to $/£60.

  7. that sounds good… but i want more…
    i want brawler… final fight 1-3
    sonic blastman 1-2, under cover cops… ninja warriors… turtles tournament gighters turtles in time, double dragon, rival turf, brawl brothers, peace keepers… spiderman, king of dragons, knights of the round, pirates of dark water…
    jump n shoot…
    Rendering Ranger… mystical Ninja…mega man…wild guns, sunset riders… jesus all Konami, capcom games… Co… Co…Combo Breaker…

    1. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon from the N64 is one of those games that deserves an HD Remaster with updated graphics, quality, & controls. I miss playing that game & listening to the music of some of the areas. A shame Konami owns the franchise, though, so that’s probably never gonna happen.

  8. THAT’S RAD!!! I’m so glad! Maybe this is a stretch, but do you think in the far far future Nintendo will release 64 games? With NSO 64 controllers?! Definitely not gonna happen but it doesn’t hurt to dream!!

  9. Honestly, I think this streaming service should stop at NES, SNES, Game Boy, & GBA games. DS, 3DS, N64, GCN, & Wii (of the few I like) games deserve HD remasters with updated graphics, quality, controls, etc. At only 20 bucks a year, I don’t expect such work to be put into those games. (Maybe if Nintendo’s service was 60 bucks, I’d have more faith in getting that kind of treatment for games from those systems.)

    In any case, I’m getting this paid online, half assed as it may currently be, next month since that should be my free month in regards to a yearly subscription fee. The reason I didn’t get it this month is because January is PlayStation Plus month.

    1. I hope both things happen (ports and HD remasters). I am a sucker for the 64 games. Maybe it’s nostalgia but man, those are so good. Hopefully they may make it to the Switch along with HD remasters that can capture the essence of their original games just like Ocarina of Time 3D.

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