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VLC Media Player Being Considered For Nintendo Switch

President and lead developer of VideoLan, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, has said that he is considering the future of VLC and that includes bringing the media player to video game systems such as the Nintendo Switch and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Mr. Kempf says it is something that they are currently considering, so it might be a while before we see the product on the Nintendo Switch eShop.


17 thoughts on “VLC Media Player Being Considered For Nintendo Switch”

      1. Picture in picture means that I’ll have part of my bigger picture covered with a small barely watchable smaller picture, nothing for me

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  2. Now that would be ultra-convenient, especially for is offline users who can’t stream ALL of our videos from YouTube.

  3. Nintendo First Order Sub-Commander Cereza

    It’s been awhile since I crammed videos and music files into an SD card for a portable media player. I used my DSi as an MP3 player after they added MP3 support in an update. Keeping my games and music together was amazing.

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