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Nintendo President Talks About The Future Of Labo

Friends or siblings can easily work together to create something new.

The creative and innovative Nintendo Labo released in April last year and many have been curious as to how it performed. In a recent interview with Kyoto Shimbun, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa touched on this. While Labo hasn’t taken the world by storm like other Nintendo products, it has been selling steadily and Furukawa says that they are continuing to work on the concept to provide more intriguing sets which he hopes will be smash hits.

Nintendo Labo was an innovative, new set of games that incorporated aspects of engineering. How has it been going?

​It hasn’t sold as well as our other hit games have, but we did have an increase in sales for Labo during the end of the year. There are many new ways to experience Labo, and we’re working on formulating new methods that convey its allure so Labo’s sales will have longer legs.​​

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  1. Price is the biggest reason most people I know haven’t bought any of the Nintendo Labo kits yet.

    1. Personally, I think the games look appealing, fun even. The reason I’m not interested in buying any Labo products is simply becaues they take a lot of space that I don’t have available. I would totally play some of those games if they could work without Labo. The robot game, for example. I think it looks great, but I don’t feel like the cardboard would be mandatory at all to play the game.

      1. They’re not very good. Most of the fun is in building, when you actually play the games with them your smile will fade to a worried frown. It’s ok, but don’t buy it for that price.

  2. Beyond price (which is starting to get better for older sets) it doesn’t appeal much to the majority older crowd.
    I think it performed amazingly within its niche, but it doesn’t make much sense to compare it to heavy hitters like Smash or Zelda

    1. Exactly. You just released all these big heavy hitters like Smash, Pokemon, Mario, Zelda. While younger players still enjoy them the older crowd is really the one appareciating them, so it’s stupid for them to correlate sales between the two for those series and then Labo.

  3. I asked, but my daddy gave me normal cardboard box to play and sleep in.
    I love drinking fresh goat milk in my cardboard box.

  4. I don’t think that labowas ever considered to be a money maker at this time. What I like about it is it’s a fun thing for kids, it introduces them and their parents 2 something they may have never considered, it will generate Revenue either on its own or exposure to other things. Their stock is up 15% in 3 weeks. It was being manipulated it’s over for now. If you’re interested watch the stock but don’t wait too long you won’t make as much money. Jimbo

    1. Please someone reply I need affirmation. If nothing is accomplished I will move on to something else. There are important things to do I like making things better for something. Jimbo

    2. It’s a good idea for kids to get interactive, but I never needed it when I was a kid, I just jumped straight into Mario bros and duck hunt.

      1. Times have changed. Games have changed. Personally I don’t like violent games. The kids games can accomplish same purpose as life’s goal, to be happy and to take enjoyment in other people’s happiness. To most of you this is crazy BS. To anyone else let me know if I’m wrong and what I can do to make it better. If I get no type of affirmation from anybody, I will move on and try elsewhere. no threat just fact. Jimbo

      2. Brad I didn’t express myself correctly. Duck hunt Mario Brothers, the first and only video games I’ve ever bought, we’re for my kids when they were young. I don’t consider them violent. Great times watching the fun they had with it. I’m not saying violent games are bad I’m not judging. I hope everybody has a good life, you have to identify what makes you happy. For me now, it may be trying to make someone’s life better. I will give it a try. Jimbo

      1. Hello mangina of the forest.
        Yes he does, but more than that, he likes anything where you build things.

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