NPD: Nintendo Switch Was Best-Selling Console In US During December 2018

The latest NPD video game hardware sales in the United States have started to trickle in for December 2018. Obviously it was an extremely busy month for the three console manufacturers during the Christmas period and it was the Nintendo Switch which came in first. The Nintendo Switch was followed by the Xbox One console and then Sony’s PlayStation 4.

  1. Nintendo Switch: 1.77M
  2. Xbox One: 920K
  3. PlayStation 4: 797K

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      1. Last year, Switch was 1.5 M and dominated everyone and last time Nintendo did as good, it was un 2014 with the 3DS.

      2. Why would owning one console force a person to buy another? I don’t sit at home thinking: ‘Oh, I already own a Sony television, I’d better go and buy a Samsung television.’.

        Your theory doesn’t make sense.

        1. Actually, your theory is wrong. Comparing video game systems with TVs? Don’t be a fool. There are huge differences between the two products. TVs have roughly the same exact features as other TVs & the only real difference between them is the brand name, their size, & their price. All TVs have the same exact use: to hook up your satellite, cable, video game system, etc so, really, you wouldn’t need to buy multiple brands of TVs for your house as a Samsung is just as good as any Sony TV or vice versa.

          Video game systems, on the other hand, are very different from each other in terms of features, power, etc. If someone can afford it, of course someone would think “I already own a Sony system. Let me go buy a Nintendo system next!” Just because the thought of owning a second video game system doesn’t cross YOUR mind doesn’t mean it hasn’t crossed many, many others. In fact, a lot of people would argue that owning two systems is a very smart move. One system is not always gonna get the same exact games as the other so some people would own two so they don’t miss out on any games one system might have that the other lacks.

          Then again, a big ass Sony TV would probably be good for the living room while a Samsung TV (a cheaper alternative to Sony TVs) would be perfect for a bedroom. Buy the expensive TV for the living room & a cheaper, smaller TV for the bedroom (or bedrooms if you have any kids.)

      1. But the headquarter of the company making the best-selling handheld console today is Japan.I’m not surprised of the Switch’s success. Anyway, I thought PS4 was ahead of Xbox.

  1. It better be. If a Smash bros with every fighter and Simon wasn’t enough to get a Switch… Well you get the idea.

  2. With how well PS4 has sold over the last couple of years, it was only a matter of time before Xbox One managed to outsell the PS4. If not for Switch being such a success, the Xbox One would actually have been at the top this December for a change.

    Every gen since Microsoft made their own system, their system has either been in 2nd place or 3rd place when it came to sales.

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