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Nintendo Switch 2019 Indies & Release Dates Announced

In a new indie highlights video filled with turn-based, role-playing and platforming action, Nintendo showcased many of the new and upcoming independent games coming to the Nintendo Switch system. The video revealed a Feb. 1 launch date for the turn-based strategy game Wargroove(Chucklefish), the announcement of the next game in the acclaimed SteamWorld universe,SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech (Image & Form Games / Thunderful Publishing) and more indie news.

In Wargroove, now available for pre-purchase, players choose their Commander and wield their army’s units in a war between battling factions. Up to four players* can strategically sway the battle in their favor as they progress through the campaign, challenge each other in local and online multiplayer modes** or design battlefields and stories with the easy-to-use in-game editor and customization tools.

SteamWorld Quest is a team-based card collecting role-playing game set to an epic story around what it means to be a hero. With billions of potential decks to build, tongue-in-cheek humor, a storybook-inspired art style and memorable characters, the game is a unique addition to the SteamWorld franchise.

The video also revealed many other indie games coming to Nintendo Switch, including retro-inspired action-RPG CrossCode (Deck13 Interactive / Radical Fish Games), explosive metal rhythm game Double Kick Heroes (Plug in Digital / Headbang Club), story-driven puzzle-platformer Inmost (Chucklefish / Hidden Layer Games) and 2D open-world game Forager (Humble Bundle / HopFrog). In a surprise announcement, it was also revealed that indie games Goat Simulator: The GOATY (Coffee Stain Studios), When Ski Lifts Go Wrong (Curve Digital / Hugecalf Studios) and Unruly Heroes (Magic Design Studios) are available to purchase in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch right now!

To view the jam-packed video in its entirety, visit

To help keep up with all of the recent indie news, here are some additional updates about indie games on the way, games that recently launched and fun news about the world of independent game development you might have missed.

In Other Indie News…

Indie Extras

  • Players new to the world of indie games can check out the recently released sizzle reel highlighting some of the hottest and most critically acclaimed indie games for Nintendo Switch from last year.
  • Anyone who owns a Nintendo Switch system and wants to stay updated on the latest and greatest Nintendo indie news can find the Indie Channel on Nintendo Switch, accessed from the HOME menu. This month’s posts include an interview with Lena Raine, music composer for the award-winning Celeste, and a deep-dive developer story from the creators of Dandara.

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11 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch 2019 Indies & Release Dates Announced”

    1. How about a new and more fun Advance Wars game? We need more strategy games! But I’m also interested in CrossCode, Double Kick Heroes, Inmost, Forager and the rest of the aforementioned 2019 Indie games. I hope these games will bring joy to their players.

    2. It can and will surpass Advance Wars since we haven’t had any since DS.
      And what’s up with all their smiling? Maybe I don’t know the details, but them smiling while they fight to their death seems… off.

  1. When fans asked the developers of cross code whether it would be ported to switch, he responded with “when hedgehags can fly”. Everyone assumed that he meant it wasn’t happening, but the switch trailer for cross code featured flying hedgehags, which I think is pretty funny

  2. Personally, the indie games 20XX, A Robot Named Fight and Stardew Valley have been my three favorite Switch games. I have some interest in Wargroove, and a little bit more in Steamworld Quest, so I’ll keep an eye on those two games.

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