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Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee Has Been Updated To Version 1.0.1

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was not the only game update that Nintendo released tonight. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee also received a brand new update that brings the newest entries in the Pokemon franchise to version 1.0.1. This update focuses on bug and gameplay fixes.. We’ve included Nintendo’s official patch notes for you down below.

  • Issues Fixed
    • The issue where the Pokémon received through Mystery Gift does not get registered in the Pokédex when exiting the game without saving has been resolved.
      • If you have already received the Pokémon through Mystery Gift, put the Pokémon that is not registered in the Pokédex in the Pokémon Box and download the update data. Once this is done, the Pokémon should be reflected in the Pokédex.
  • Other Update Information
    • The Pokémon’s Markings and Judge function’s □ and ☆ orders were reversed. It has now been changed to match.
    • Various gameplay fixes.



  1. One thing that really bothers me about this game is that there isn’t any blending between the walk and run animations. So there is a sudden jolt when that transitions. Anyone else noticed this? Also some frame rate drops that seem like they shouldn’t be there. Like, the switch should be able to handle that no problem.

      1. Me too. The guy is being so meticulous. What concerns me instead is the Viridian Forest. Ever tried spawning Pokemon there in large quantities? It causes insane frame rate drops.

      2. I work in 3D modeling often so maybe my brain is just hardwired to notice it or something lol. Because I couldn’t find anyone else bothered by it. I think it just surprised me to have a game like his not have that animation blending between walking and running, almost all games have that so it doesn’t cause a jump. You’ll notice if you look close that when you move a character forward in other games, they’ll do a bit of a different animation when they are moving from that walk to run state. But let’s go just suddenly jumps. I got used to it after a bit and I really enjoy the game. I just think it’s interesting they didn’t incorporate something like that when it’s common practice usually.

      3. Let’s Go had a big staff working on it, there is a lot of work behind a game like this (even if it looks childish). Also more complex animations takes CPU time. It’s all about gain/cost, like in everything. They did a good job all in all, I do appreciate it.

      1. That’s interesting. The frame rate drops in the poison gym, where you have that floating list. And then it also drops in that forest area right at the beginning in a few spots where there are a lot of Pokémon. It’s a pretty noticeable drop too.

    1. Yes! I’ve noticed so as well, I thought it was a bug at first or something because there’s like a little shock every time you want to move forward, I’m glad someone else noticed 😅

    2. Oh what’s that you made the game even lamer and easier on button does everything for you? Wow gamefreak you really are going backwards with this franchise now. stop making your games less of a challenge and thinking just because japan thinks the games are tough doesn’t mean the rest of the world does they were fine before you 4kids the franchise with the abomination Porkymanz “Let’s cut out everything you liked and make it so easy a monkey with no brain could play it” Edition came out.

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