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Nippon Ichi Software Announces Murder Detective: Jack The Ripper For Switch

Nippon Ichi Software has revealed that they have been hard at work on Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper for the Nintendo Switch and Sony’s PlayStation 4 console. The action adventure title is due to be released in Japan on the 25th of April. Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper sees you take on the role of a private detective based in London and the game’s route depends on the choices you make in-game and in turn could see you take on a murder route. Here are the characters in the game along with their voice actors:

  • Arthur Hewitt (voiced by Yuusuke Hirooka)
  • Self-Proclaimed Jack the Ripper (voiced by Kiyohiro Yamaguchi)
  • Charlotte Peacely (voiced by Aiko Yamasaki)
  • Rory Godpseed (voiced by Mitsuki Natsukawa)
  • Harry Brown (voiced by Yuuki Fujino)
  • Sophie Raichel (voiced by Yuki Yawakami)
  • Walter Raichel (voiced by Kouji Mikogami)

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  1. Murder Detective: Jack The Ripper looks interesting. I’m not very well acquainted with this game. I’ve read from other sources about how this game has a vague identification of Jack the Ripper. I guess the only way to find out is to play this game. I’m going to follow this.

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