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Smash Ultimate Amiibo Leak Includes Pokemon Trainer, Squirtle, Ivysaur, And More

A new image posted online has revealed a number of unannounced Super Smash Bros Ultimate amiibo. The image seems to originate from The Super Smash Bros Ultimate guide which is out today in Japan. It contains amiibo shots and placeholder slots for Snake, Pokemon Trainer, Dark Samus, Chrom, Simon, Richter, Ivysaur, and Squirtle.


  1. Not much of a leak considering every Smash character gets an amiibo. Most this does is confirm Pokémon Trainer does get four amiibo.

    That said, wonder if Inkling Boy will be one of the last amiibo since Inkling Girl was one of the first…? Does Inkling Boy have a spot on the list?

    1. I wouldn’t think he would since he is just an alt skin. You don’t see multiple amiibo for the koopa kids or Alph. Pkn trainer feels like a unique case since each Pokemon is very different from each other.

      1. Yeah, I agree with your point. The release of Pokemon Trainer Squirtle and Ivysaur would be amazing so we could have a 4 amiibo pack with Charizard. A Female Pokémon Trainer Amiibo would be great also.

      2. There are already four alt skins as amiibo. The only reason I’m questioning Inkling Boy of all characters is because it’s called Inkling Girl, not Inkling.

  2. Great but.. in mine country (Slovakia) in heart (ass) of europe Local shops stop selling Amiibo :(.. mine Only way is Amazon and ebay where Amiibo price is no 15eur but 45 and more :(..

    1. @galaxycrash

      It actually does just say Inkling. No girl. And being that these funny little things originate from Japan, I’m willing to trust what they call it over an American rename

    1. In games outside of Smash, a Squirtle reads as Squirtle, Ivysaur as Ivysaur, and so on. But in Smash those three are Pokémon Trainer.

  3. A lot of people are saying this was obvious, but I thought Snake, Simon and Richter might not get amiibo. Them not being announced before made me think Konami might not let them. Guess it was an unfounded fear, though.

  4. This isn’t technically a leak, they announced ages ago that every fighter will be getting a new amiibo.
    The only real “new” thing here is we know Pokemon Trainer himself will get an amiibo.

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