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Nintendo Switch Shipped 14.49 Million From April – December 2018, The April 2018 To March 2019 Forecast Revised Down To 17 Million

Nintendo has now provided updated sales statistics and sales revisions for the popular Nintendo Switch system. Nintendo has shipped 14.49 million units from April to December. Interestingly, Nintendo has decided to revise its forecast from 20 million to 17 million. Even the company admitted that it was an extremely high goal. Now they have conceded and have revised it down to 17 million for the period between April 2018 and March 2019.


21 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Shipped 14.49 Million From April – December 2018, The April 2018 To March 2019 Forecast Revised Down To 17 Million”

  1. Just what I said… 15 they will do and 17… when they have more luck… great would be 18… but where is the games ;-)

      1. Ops. Someone’s lost. I think you meant this for the latest news about the 3DS.

        Anyway, as I said from my previous comment about this, 20 million is a pretty ambitious target. But with Nintendo, even though they dropped it to 17 million, it’s not impossible. I feel like this is a brilliant Marketing scheme. Think about it, they dropped it to 17 million to avoid disappointing the investors because they know that they will reach that sales target or even surpass it and might even get to 20 million. In this way, everyone wins.

      1. I’m sure they’ve heard. But forecast downward revision doesn’t always mean bad sales… In the case of the Switch, 20m would have been an over-achievement… And Nintendo believed it was doable.
        So I’m guessing investors are still pleased by the overall hardware and software sales despite this forecast slash

      2. nope… they did fall… but actualy you should have rigth… if they reach 17 mil its good but i think they wouldnt.
        because 14.5… and there is no reason (no game) that come for the switch only that could rise the switch.

  2. 20 million would have been phenomenal. 17 million is outstanding. In other words still a great year. I wonder how this year will fare, I wanna see wt new stuff they have to announce to counter the disappointment of the MP4 delay.

    1. I have a suspicion the the restart of MP4 development didn’t start this year. I think it’s already been several months since they restarted it.
      Knowing Nintendo, they will only share the news when they feel it’s close to being shown… It might not happen, but don’t be too surprised if you see a demo at E3

      1. Yea definitely, it was rebooted in the fall most likely. Only way I see it making an appearance at E3 is if they reused some of the assets and didn’t completely scrap everything. Who knows how Nintendo development goes lol

  3. 17 million is nothing to be disappointed at. I may be reading into it wrong but this coupled with the lack of a direct makes me worry if there is a lack of ammo and game development taking longer than thought. At a time like this I sometimes wish Nintendo still had Rare. They really havenโ€™t done much for Xbox though either…

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