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Fire Emblem Heroes Celebrates Second Anniversary With Special Illustrations

It’s been two whole years since the initial release of Fire Emblem Heroes. To celebrate the mobile title’s second anniversary, a number of talented artists have shared illustrations that depict various Fire Emblem characters, items and special effects. You can check them out on the official Fire Emblem Heroes website by clicking here. Fire Emblem Heroes made its debut on February 2, 2017, and it’s available as a free-to-play game on iOS and Android.

5 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes Celebrates Second Anniversary With Special Illustrations”

    1. Is Dragalia Lost even available on Switch? I swear it’s a mobile game. If it’s not yet on Switch, then I want one ported! Anyway, congrats to Fire Emblem Heroes for reaching 2 years. It has even made it to the Switch. Great accomplishment!

      1. I think it would be nice as a service from Nintendo to be able to download Nintendo mobile games on the switch also. There’s probably a few of their games I would start playing again

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