Video: Fire Emblem Heroes February 1st Feh Channel Presentation

Nintendo has released a brand new Fire Emblem Heroes Feh Channel presentation video to the company’s mobile YouTube channel. Like always, these presentations provide news on upcoming Fire Emblem Heroes content. Usually, Nintendo announces a Feh Channel presentation in advance, but this has been a rare exception. The presentation video is down below.



    1. Nintendo kinda gave us confirmation that it doesn’t get delayed further but let’s just sit down and wait once again.
      I gotta agree with you though, it’s infuriating that we don’t get any news about TH, especially since the trailer seemed pretty clunky and visually not very appealing…

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      1. Yeah, I also noticed Three Houses not making noises as Fire Emblem Heroes. I have a hunch that Nintendo puts more effort promoting in the mobile community. The Switch already got the back of Fire Emblem: Three Houses since we all know of its strong sales peformance. Fire Emblem Heroes, on the other hand, has not made it to the Switch yet so it definitely needs a boost.


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