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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Piranha Plant Available For Purchase

If you unfortunately didn’t manage to redeem your free Piranha Plant code for Super Smash Bros Ultimate in time, you can now purchase the new character from the Nintendo Switch eShop for £4.49. You can purchase Piranha Plant here.


    1. How very poetic of you!

      It’s sad that Piranha Plant won’t be free anymore in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. But I’m glad this news came out so that I get to hear a rhyme artist in the comment section. Very nice Gruntilda!

    1. Wait aren’t you and Banjo-Kazooie enemies? I mean for game representation yeah but still it kinda doesn’t make sense.

    1. Okiday gruntilda that’s enough lol cool rymes btw 😜 … I assumed PP had his own stage co even with the 5 other fighters there’s room for one last stage!

  1. He’s the guy I didn’t know I wanted. I would have NEVER asked for him or even thought of him, but he’s pretty fun!

      1. True, I’m furious they put a potted plant in, but submitting to the fans bullying would have also been a sin.

  2. Purchased Piranha Plant.

    *flips a huge bird to Nintendo for not sending me my code and making me spend extra money on what was supposed to be FREE*

    1. You could have called them, they would have sent you a new code. I had to do it because my email from back then had been deleted. I got my code the same day I called

      1. What the hell do you think I tried to do?

        I got robot after robot, and zero service!

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