Dragalia Lost Coming To Canada, The UK, And Australia In Next Fiscal Year

Nintendo announced that their mobile title Dragalia Lost, which was released in the United States and Japan last September, will be coming to Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia during the next fiscal year. This news will be welcomed by those who reside in the above countries.




      1. Mobile gamers, enjoy!

        I wonder if Nintendo will consider a version of Dragalia Lost for their Switch. I think this action RPG will make a nice addition to the Switch. I guess we’ll just have to see what Nintendo and Cygames have to say to this.

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      2. Yeah ever since I’ve been playing Dragalia Lost I keep thinking this game could have potential for so much more. It’s already pretty darn deep for a mobile game without being overly complicated. I see it like Nintendo’s version of a Diablo type game. The Switch version could have more weapons, abilities and character class varieties. The story is pretty cool but it could be better with animations to go along with it.


      1. Why can’t they release it in the Nordic Countries as well? I can only guess, but those countries mentioned are getting the game since there’s close to no need for another localisation. We here in Norway (and the rest of our Nordics friends) won’t get it in our local languages anyway…


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