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Video: IGN Goes Hands-On With Crash Team Racing

A number of previews have appeared online for the eagerly awaited revamped Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueledย which is destined to come to the Nintendo Switch in June this year. IGN is one such site and they’ve produced a preview video of their experiences with the game and it sounds very promising and extremely fast. Take a watch down below.

20 thoughts on “Video: IGN Goes Hands-On With Crash Team Racing”

    1. Same here! The preview of the game madeby IGN is really nice. And yeah, it’s been almost 20 years and thank God a fun, beautiful and fast Crash Team Racing remake is finally heading to the Nintendo Switch. I’m curious though as to how this racing game would keep up with Mario Kart.

  1. Honestly, what a great time for remasters and ports! Resident Evil 2, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Luigi’s Mansion, most all the Mario and Luigis – if only Rare games would get that kinda love…

  2. I still own the original to this game and have played it to death. Saying “It’s a Mario Kart Clone” is just moronic. That’s like saying King of Fighters is a Street Fighter Clone because it happens to also be a 2D Fighting game.
    Grow up people.

    1. seriously. It is painfully obvious how old a lot of the people on this site are. I am still constantly baffled at the persistence of these trolls. Whenever one dies, another is right there to take its place. No person over the age of 15 should have the time or immaturity to do that.

      1. +mmc2017
        I actually wanted to refer to these people as “trolls” I avoided it because I didn’t want to offend the actual trolls.

  3. I didn’t buy mario kart 8 and I’ll buy this one instead. Because karts with furries.
    ehehe but enough kidding, i bought mk8 for Wiiu, and I don’t want to buy it again, and this one is looking very cool.

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