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Japan: Famitsu Most Wanted Nintendo Games For January 24th – 30th, 2019

Once again, Famitsu has released the results of their weekly reader poll. If you didn’t already know, Famitsu asks their Japanese readers on a weekly basis what Nintendo games they are looking forward to the most. One week later, they will release the results in their Weekly Famitsu issue. This week saw Animal Crossing, known in Japan as Doubutsu no Mori, at the number one spot once again. In fact, Animal Crossing got even more votes than last week. Meanwhile, Darius Cozmic Collection is a new entry in the chart. The chart is down below.

  1. Doubutsu no Mori (Switch) – 481
  2. Dragon Quest XI: Sugisarishi Toki o Motomete S (Switch) – 371
  3. Bayonetta 3 (Switch) – 332
  4. Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch) – 326
  5. Fire Emblem: Fuuka Setsugetsu (Switch) – 304
  6. Ushiro (Switch) – 241
  7. Yokai Watch 4 (Switch) – 194
  8. Super Robot Taisen T (Switch) – 178
  9. Luigi Mansion 3 (Switch) – 176
  10. Keito no Kirby Plus (3DS) – 127
  11. Yoshi Craft World (Switch) – 109
  12. Lulua no Atelier ~Arland no Renkinjutsushi4~ (Switch) – 99
  13. Darius Cozmic Collection (Switch) – below 99
  14. Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon EVERY BUDDY!(Switch) – below 99



      1. Yeah, I agree. The first Nintendo direct of the year will eventually come. I know its going to be awesome and really worth the wait. Nintendo’s New Years Resolution—not announcing about the Direct, keeping us fans waiting, eventually surprising us big time and leaving us in awe.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. is there an annoucement for the nintendo direct yet?

      to the list… yoshi is way behind at should be like pokemon a system seller…


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