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PlayStation’s Shawn Layden: “Never Underestimate Nintendo… All Of Us Are Better For Their Efforts”

SIE Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden has spoken at this year’s DICE 2019 keynote speech. During his speech Layden praised both the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller for gamers with disabilities. With regards to Nintendo, Layden reiterated that no one should underestimate Nintendo and that their success with the Switch has been extremely beneficial for the video game industry and consumers.

 “The best-selling console of 2018 in the U.S. was… The Nintendo Switch. Nintendo took a massive risk when they brought this to the market. People thought Nintendo might one day be out of the hardware business. People would say things like ‘kids play games on mobile phones and tablets, dedicated portable gaming is dead and gone.’ But as I’ve said before: never underestimate Nintendo… All of us are better for their efforts.”



    1. it seems there scared of online things because parents think oh Nintendo is for kids which it is and isn’t and they don’t want complaints of people telling there kids things online.

      1. It wants to be heard and seen as intelligent. N-Dub just ignore trolls. Nintendo makes them sick, because Nintendo games are amazing and sell very well.

        Tomorrow N-Dub shall me heavenly.


      2. Everything about Nintendo’s online is WAY below everything else on the market for fuck sake they were TWO generations behind on a unified account system for there consoles

      3. You can’t be serious.
        Unless you’re trying to say they’re way more than just “a bit” behind, then I wholeheartedly agree.

    2. No, in honesty they’re a bit ahead cause they realise progress doesn’t just mean ‘graphics power’

      1. It’s not about graphics but about technological standards. Built-in voice chat. Hardwire network capabilities without additional hardware purchase. Unified network and accounts. There are certain things that Nintendo does great but other things that they just don’t seem to want to accept is a standard that most people expect out of their devices these days.

  1. It’s about time someone said it!

    Just kidding. It speaks well of him that he is being so courteous. Good job!

    1. True
      But data from the recent quarterly does reveal tht in the 22 months tht Switch has been out, it has outsold PS4s hardware sales 1st 22 months of release; by roughly 30%

  2. Of course, this comes from the company that copied the N64’s joystick and rumble features, copied the Wii’s Remote and Nunchuck and tried to beat Nintendo in the portable gaming market.
    Not to mention that the PlayStation was going to be a Nintendo product before Nintendo (in a big mistake) decided to go elsewhere.

    But I digress, it is amazing that the company themselves are better sports then the fanboys. And I respect that Mr. Layden had good things to say about the other gaming console companies.

  3. I like how it’s always Nintendo the one that they underestimate, but it’s also the one they both (Sony and MS) fear the most in this console race.

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