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Hashimoto From Square Enix Retweets Nintendo Direct Announcement

We are finally getting a Nintendo Direct tomorrow at 10pm GMT and it should give us an idea of the software lineup for the Nintendo Switch over the next few months. Generally when a large developer retweets the information, they usually have something to show. Hopefully that is the case for Square Enix, as Shinji Hashimoto, one of the company’s producers, retweeted the announcement which came earlier today.


27 thoughts on “Hashimoto From Square Enix Retweets Nintendo Direct Announcement”

  1. Don’t get your hopes up, it more than likely is more details about some Final Fantasy games they’ve announced a while back that are coming to Switch and nothing new that or its them just reminding people about the Direct and not them hinting at something that people think there is a hint of some sort when there isn’t one.

      1. Yes! There could be a possibility that Square Enix may soon release Kingdom Hearts for the Switch (except for III at this moment).

    1. Well, FFXV Pocket Edition was probably the best solution for those who wanted it on Switch. Wouldn’t be too bad getting a KHIII Pocket Edition for Switch. But rather have a collection of the older games on Switch, give a full blown version of KHIII on Switch Pro, and then give us KHIV when it launches. One can dream.

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