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Nintendo NY: “Join Us Tomorrow On The Second Floor As We Stream The Nintendo Direct”

The Nintendo NY store has confirmed that, once again, they will celebrate the airing of a new Nintendo Direct by streaming the entire thing “on the second floor” of the building. There are usually fans that record the crowd’s reactions, so there will no doubt be footage that appears on YouTube later on. The news was relayed on the store’s official Twitter, so you can see the tweet for yourself down below.

8 thoughts on “Nintendo NY: “Join Us Tomorrow On The Second Floor As We Stream The Nintendo Direct””

  1. I used to like watching the reactions from these, but the autistic screeching has been steadily cranking up to 11 as of late and it’s not enjoyable.

    1. Yeah they don’t even here a lot of the important details because they are screeching like hyena’s (probably spelled that wrong). But I do still watch for the huge reveals though.

      1. The screaming would be fine, but in this one video some dude fainted, in another some dude accidentally hit a girl in the face. One thing’s being hyped and another is acting like goddamn animals.
        I’ll watch those reactions again if they start to really hurt themselves tho.

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