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Sensor Tower: “Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes Has Grossed $500 Million Since Launch”

Sensor Tower has revealed some new data on Nintendo’s mobile games. According to their Store Intelligence data, “Fire Emblem Heroes has hit the half-billion-dollar mark in terms of player spending”. This is 7 times more than Super Mario Run‘s $68,000,000 revenue, and 2 times more than the $74,000,000 and $70,000,000 that players have spent on Dragalia Lost and Animal Crossing, respectively. Sensor Tower also says that “The majority of spending in Fire Emblem Heroes has come from Japan, which accounted for 56% of its $500 million total, or approximately $280,000,000. The United States is the game’s second largest market at $155,000,000 or 31% of player spending. The remaining 57 regions where the game is available make up just 13% of its revenue to date”.

As for platforms, Google Play has a slim majority of 54%. The remaining 46% comes from the App Store. Fire Emblem Heroes was Nintendo’s number one mobile game in December and January, after being runner-up to Dragalia Lost in October and November. In January, Fire Emblem Heroes grossed $17,600,000, which is a slight increase year-over-year from the $17,300,000 made in January 2018. A chart showing Nintendo worldwide mobile player spending is down below.


9 thoughts on “Sensor Tower: “Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes Has Grossed $500 Million Since Launch””

  1. Remember back in 2004 that my brother and myself was the only two playing Fire Emblem. Had to explain to people that “Eliwood is the father of Roy” and stuff. Everyone asked where Marth was in the GBA-title. I’m glad the series has expanded since then. Betting a 17 of May release for Three Houses announcement in the Direct!

    1. Haha, I remember getting the game as a kid and seeing the boxart and I assumed Eliwood was Roy and I thought Hector had to be Marth’s uncle or something. Glad to see how far the franchise has come.

  2. Jeeze, it really trounced Dragalia. I think FE Heroes works, it definitely has the history to pull from (the series has been running since 1990 in Japan) where as Dragalia has to really sell a lot of it’s new ideas.

    I don’t see Heroes as a replacement for main FE games. and I don’t really play it to experience the “hardcore” aspect of it (which there is if you play it long enough) BUT, what I really like about Heroes is getting to see beloved past FE characters drawn in a variety of styles and outfits. That’s a lot of fun.

  3. Hope they put some of that money into making Three Houses, cause that game looked like shit back in the E3 trailer.
    Not hating on the game/franchise, am a huge fan since I was 13 (now 21) playing through every single game that released in europe.
    I guess that’s exactly why I want this game to be a success since it might influence future games ( if three houses isn’t the last game they make since heroes is such a huge success)

  4. “This is 7 times more than Super Mario Run‘s $68,000,000 revenue, and 2 times more than the $74,000,000 and $70,000,000 that players have spent on Dragalia Lost and Animal Crossing, respectively.” Something is not right there.

  5. Now, that’s what you call a silent but deadly game. I honestly did not expect Fire Emblem Heroes to do very well in sales. It just goes to say that more people owns smartphones than pure game consoles. I can see why Nintendo is making an effort in the mobile department lately.

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