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SEGA AGES: Alex Kidd In Miracle World Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Another game in the SEGA AGES line has been announced. Alex Kidd In Miracle World, a platformer game, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game will cost 999 yen, and it will also have a rewind feature. Further details, including the game’s release date, were not given at this current time. When they do announce the release date, we’ll let you know.



  1. I see. Another great classic coming to Switch. The nostalgia again. I remember how Sega tried to compete with Nintendo’s Super Mario bros with Alex Kidd in Miracle World. I never thought that it’ll come to the Switch. Now I kinda have a feeling that Nintendo might bring the entire Alex Kidd series to the Switch. There was Lost Stars, BMX Trial, High-tech World, Enchanted Castle, and Shinobi World. I wonder.

  2. Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Sega’s original mascot now a Nintendo game. Thank you Jehovah.


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