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Nintendo Has Applied For New Dr. Mario And Dr. Mario World Trademarks

Japanese Nintendo is reporting that Nintendo has recently applied for trademarks for the Dr. Mario games. The first trademark is Dr. Mario and the second trademark is for Dr. Mario World. The Dr. Mario World trademark covers downloadable video game program including for smartphones and the Dr. Mario trademark covers providing entertainment (planning of game tournaments etc).



  1. Got excited then I read “including for smartphones” and I got shutdown real quick lol but how interesting would it be to see a dr.mario game like Odyssey. Idk how it would work but it definitely would be something unexpected and fresh.

      1. Yea your right I just read dr.mario world and the idea of a more open world game comes to mind for me personally. Puzzle games are ok just not anything that I would get excited over.

  2. It’s gonna be an iOS game, mark my words. Nothing fits touch phone game more than Dr. Mario game.

    I’m looking at you Pokemon shuffle

  3. Dr. Mario’s association with Smash just left an overall bad taste in my mouth.

    Such a long way for literally the same character twice.

    1. To be fair, Dr. Mario is Melee Mario with the old move set. I personally prefer his spin attack over the F.L.U.D.D. attack.

      1. At this point, people are just regurgitating the same argument over and over. Well I’ve got a better one:

        Why was Dr. Mario a playable character in Melee in the first place?

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