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Nintendo Shares New Fire Emblem: Three Houses Screenshots

Leading up to the highly-anticipated release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Nintendo has shared a new batch of screenshots that showcase several different elements from the upcoming role-playing title. It revolves around three noble houses that are part of the Officer’s Academy, an elite facility that trains students in the ways of weapons, magic and special skills. As a professor, the player must choose one of these houses to lead its students in grid-based battles with life-or-death stakes. Each house is comprised of many different students to meet and train, each with her or his own personality and skills. These students can interact with each other at the academy, strengthening their bonds and supporting each other on the battlefield. Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on July 26.



    1. Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ aesthetic is interesting.

      I like how they experimented with it instead of sticking to the same recipe.

      Different artists/designers have been involved in the making of this tactical RPG series over the years, and to see a new art style is just refreshing.

      I don’t mind spending some time to become accustomed to it.

  1. They’re more like stills taken from the recent trailer, but they’re crisp! It’s nice to get a look at that clean UI

    This game looks like it’s going to be QUITE a bit different than what cam before it, whilst keeping Fire Emblems core gameplay. That’s a better start than Fates so far, which was a bit too afraid to leave Awakening’s shadow.

  2. And by new screenshots, they mean stuff we already saw in the trailer.

    Wake me up when they REALLY show something we haven’t already seen.

  3. Each day I see this game, the less enthused I become….. And this is coming from someone who played almost all fire emblems….

  4. I think this will be a pretty awesome game. I’m glad they are trying new things with Fire Emblem and can’t wait to start playing this one.

  5. It’d be nice if one of the lords in this game was a magic user for once. We’ve had a few lords using swords, one using an axe, one using a lance, yet none have been a magic user from what I can tell. And Micaiah doesn’t count as she was a Light Mage, not a Lord.

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