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Direct-Feed Games Rumour: Xbox Team Planning Xbox App, X-Cloud, And Games Pass, For Nintendo Switch

Direct-Feed Games has uploaded a video report which suggests that the Xbox team are planning to release an Xbox app, the upcoming Project X-Cloud streaming service, and the company’s highly praised Games Pass service for the Nintendo Switch. Some of these services could appear this year. The team will also bring the acclaimed Ori and the Blind Forest series to the Nintendo Switch along with their streaming service X-Cloud which would allow graphically intensive Xbox games to stream via Switch and would utilise Xbox Games Pass. This information adds up with what we’ve heard hinted by Liam Robertson and Game Informer seniorย editorย Imran Khan.

42 thoughts on “Direct-Feed Games Rumour: Xbox Team Planning Xbox App, X-Cloud, And Games Pass, For Nintendo Switch”

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    1. Me, on the other hand:

      The news I’ve been hearing this year about Nintendo and Microsoft feels really weird in a good and clever way.

      These big boys could squeeze money out of Nintendo fans, Xbox fans, and PC fans.

      The Switch will boost GamePass marketing by promoting an on-the-go Xbox experience.

      What a very smart marketing strategy!

      It’s a win-win for both Microsoft and Nintendo.

      If this is indeed true, I’m excited for the game pass.

      It would be insane if Ori and the Blind Forest, Alien: Isolation, Fallout 4, and Cuphead do make it on Switch.

    1. Seems like a Netflix vs Disney + … Microsoft will test the portable market via the switch. If it becomes a success then Micro will build their own and pull the app to use on that! Creating a new Sony vs Nintendo situation that birthed the PlayStation brand. I’m not getting this??

      1. K. Rool is owned by Nintendo, same with Diddy Kong and all the other Kongs that spawned from the original DKC Trilogy and DK64
        Rare only kept their original IPs, and DKC was technically based on the 1981 arcade game, so Nintendo gets to keep those rights.

        1. So why did Donkey Kong C disappear from Wii Virtual Channel for many years that one time? And I thought Diddy was a special case because of the Nintendo-logo on his caps.
          Not saying you’re wrong though, because I literally don’t know, but do you have a source for that?

          1. The reason why the DKC trilogy was pulled from the Wii Shop Channel back then was never disclosed by Nintendo, one common theory is that while Nintendo owns the characters, they have to pay royalties for selling the original code from those games.
            I have no sources, but I would find it weird that Nintendo insists on using characters from DKC (including DK himself, since his modern design was created by Rare) if they had to pay royalties to Microsoft each and every time.

      2. I’ve always assumed the reason for the DKC removal was the fact the Rareware logo was in the game. Because of copyright & trademark rules, having even a little logo in your game that belonged to another nets them some royalty money from the sale of your product even if they didn’t really own the product itself as they do own the logo at least.

      3. If the day ever comes that Sega, PlatinumGames, or Bandai Namco have a falling out, don’t expect to see Bayonetta 2+3 or Super Smash Bros Ultimate getting “virtual console” releases on a future Nintendo system because of their logos being in the game.

  2. Think about this

    Damon Baker leaves Nintendo and joins Microsoft and rumors start spreading about a Microsoft/Nintendo crossover

    Then Reggie leaves Nintendo and Doug Bowser becomes president of Nintendo America. Also on the same day as that announcement, there is another rumor coming around that an Xbox app would come to the switch. You see how this is all coming together.

      1. I was thinking this too, like what if they collaborated on a console and youโ€™d see both companies IPs on one machine. More power for Nintendo games like Zelda and Metroid Prime that could benefit tons from that as far as performance. Meanwhile Microsoft could put its IPs in front of Ninty fans who otherwise might not care for an Xbox but would try Halo and Forza if it were in front of them. Same for Nintendo IPs for Microsoft fans.

        Itโ€™s just so crazy to imagine something like this though lol. Master Chief and Mario on one machine.

        1. I actually think that would be a great idea! With Nintendo first party games and innovative ideas along with Microsoft’s hardware capabilities and connections with third party developers, I can see a console made by the both of them selling like hot cakes. Imagine what a Zelda game would look like if it was made on a system that can run 4k.

    1. I also feel that we are close to this. It’s like when you’re watching a series and a really interesting thing is happening!

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  4. So if xbox are getting xbox app,cloud etc to appear on the switch out of this deal then when doe Nintendo and fans get from this?

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    1. Agreed. Also Nintendo and Microsoft knows many people (including japaneses) want to have Banjo in Smash. Not to mention that under Kimishima and Furukawa we have been getting things that we have never had before like King K. Rool, Simon Belmont, games being restored etc.

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  7. Truly these are changing times. Things that many didn’t expected, Playstation not attending E3, Metroid having new games after the Federation Force incident, Crash N’ Sane Trilogy being on a Nintendo consoloe, Spyro may come to Switch according to rumors.

    It’s safely to said that not everything is set in stone.

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