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Liam Robertson Addresses Scalebound Rumour And Believes It’s Very Unlikely, However, Nintendo & Xbox Are Working On Big Things

The extremely knowledgeable Liam Robertson who has done a lot of work with Unseen64 and the Did You Know Gaming? channel has produced an informative video addressing the Scalebound Nintendo Switch rumour which recently did the rounds. Liam says that the idea of Nintendo and Platinum Games resurrecting Scalebound is very unlikely for a number of reasons which he notes in the video below. He also says that the decision to cancel the game was a joint decision between Platinum Games and Microsoft as the project just wasn’t coming together. However, he did say he has heard that Nintendo and Microsoft are working on big things together. Check out the video below:


    1. Nintendo and Microsoft are ganging up on Sony. They know that the so-called “PS5” is going to be a threat in the future. Just imagine the kind of things these big boys can do. It’s just my wild guess.

      Anyway, Platinum Games may have had directed Scalebound to a better route; thus the reason for its cancellation. The action RPG is supposed to debut in 2017 for Xbox One. I’m thinking that they’re also planning to bring it to the Switch. I hope to see it available someday.

  1. Wouldn’t that be great if Nintendo and Microsoft we’re making a N64 Classic with Rare games on it?

  2. I don’t believe that Microsoft thing. Sounds way too farfetched to me. If it is true it’s probably hyperbole on how “big” it actually is. I know he has got some good insider information before but that doesn’t mean he or any other of these kinds of people always have it right. Anyone can make statements like that but how about some details. I like the idea of it being Goldeneye and other Rare games on an N64 classic, although that is not exactly “big things”.

  3. This information is not very surprising, albeit interesting to see a higher profile name talking about it outright.

    On a separate note: it is good to see that he credited your work in his video Administrator Sikr.
    A well deserved so called “shout-out”, for certain.

  4. Why would Nintendo team up with losers ?

    Nintendo doesn’t focus on Sony alone but also the Phone/iPad market as competition.

    I see lot’s of kids playing on their iPad, I have yet to encounter one who own a Switch.

    Not that they don’t want one, it’s just that the parents went full iPad and it’s gonna stay that for year, they don’t want antlers device in the house when parents already spend so much for iPad that should be good for years.

    Switch Pro gonna sell good, because most are older and can afford it anyways.

    Would love Sony developing the tech and screen, instead of Nintendo teaming up with this Microsoft garbage company.

    I know what I’m talking about since I owned an Xbox one X, tell me more how you set up the the dolby digital over HDMI or the amazing micro usb design and bad connector for the controller. Please do tell me more how sucky the A button is and never register when you press on the side. Or the crazy laggy OS because all the streaming garbage.

    And people want all this lag fest on the Switch OS, are you kidding me ?

    Microsoft garbage, never you come in my house again, I hate you !

    Only good thing was 120Hz option, Nintendo should also allow 120Hz on next console.

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