SEGA FES 2019 Will Be A Celebration Of SEGA Saturn

The classic but ill-fated SEGA Saturn will be playing a prominent role at this year’s annual SEGA FES event which takes place at Bellesalle, Akihabara in Tokyo on the 30th of March. The company says that there will be a host of SEGA Saturns set-up celebrating the console and some of the classic games that it offered such as SEGA Rally, Nights and Daytona USA. There will also be a number of question and answer sessions based around the system with key developers as well as an appearance by SEGA’s legendary marketing mascot Segata Sanshiro, whose real name is Hiroshi Fujioka.



  1. A flawed console but it did have some of the most memorable games I’ve ever played… And that’s speaking as a lifelong Nintendo fan.

  2. SEGA remembered they did another console other than Genesis it’s a Miracle!

    i love sega consoles and the saturn was the wi u of its time with a lot of great games that where NEVER rereleased by sega

    here’s hoping for SEGA AGES SATURN GOODNESS

  3. Jeez!

    I have a lot in my mind about the coming SEGA FES 2019.

    Some Saturn Classic Sega Ages remasters would be really nice.

    And yeah, Burning Ranger, Grandia, Sega Rally, and Shining Force 3 on a Saturn Mini would be really cool as well.

      1. There is a re release of Grandia coming you know.. right?
        The owners of the IP said a ways back that it was coming to the Nintendo Switch.

  4. Please put sonic r on the nintendo switch as a digital download for the untied states.

  5. That little system, whose exclusive games never left their console (unless they were completely remade from the ground up).

    Too bad I can’t play any of their games……

  6. Sega Saturn Classic confirmed!
    (It would be at least ten times more successful than the PS1 Classic)
    Oh great, now I really want one.

    1. The SEGA Saturn is a BITCH to emulate, and would take some powerful hardware.
      Meaning if they DID make a Saturn MINI it would cost way more than most would pay simply because of how much power would need to be under the hood just to emulate the Saturn.
      Keep in mind, the Saturn used several CPUs with some funky weird architecture (basically kinda how Wii U was made..odd architecture caused folks to not wanna develop for it..)

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