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Video: Team Sonic Racing – SXSW 2019 Gameplay

At this month’s SXSW, SEGA provided a few more details about the upcoming Team Sonic Racing, which is heading to the Nintendo Switch this May. The company showcased a customisation video showing what you can do to tweak your racing machine. Now, a gameplay video has emerged of the game in action which clearly shows that the delay has given the team a chance to tune up the visuals. The video doesn’t have any sound, so don’t worry that there’s a problem with your device! Have a watch below:


  1. *nods* uh huh, uh huh! Does anybody think that A. Mario Kart tour will be delayed longer or B. It’ll also come to Switch like Pokemon Quest and many other mobile games? That would be rad(the part about it being on Switch lol), but they’d probably have to rebuild it from scratch…. Just wondering!

  2. Why is cream the rabbit not playable? I don’t want omochao. Amy Rose will be the only member of team rose I play as.Will all the teams be unlocked for free races at the beginning? I wanted to play as chaos zero.

  3. Cream the rabbit not being playable is the worst decision made for this game. Tikal and sticks the badger could have been playable too. At this rate, I’m not even confident in the dlc. I like the babylon rogues.

  4. Oh great another game that is going to make gamers choke. I really wanted a Sonic game that was going to smoke. I pray the reviews are good,I want hope.

  5. I don’t care how they do it but I want cream the rabbit and atleast one babylon rogue to be playable.

  6. I still think Infinite should have been on Team Eggman in place of Zavok. No one cares who Zavok is and he and Eggman hate each other since Lost World anyway; at least Infinite stayed loyal even when he disagreed with Eggman.

    1. Infinite = technique
      eggman = power
      metal sonic = speed

      My least favorites are omochao and big. I won’t play as them so i’ll use knuckles and tails instead. I wish we had cream the rabbit and the babylon rogues.

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