Nintendo Switch

Video: A Look At Customisation In Team Sonic Racing

It is currently the Sonic Panel at SXSW today and SEGA has released a fresh new video for their upcoming racer Team Sonic Racing. The current video showcases the amount of customisation for your chosen vehicles. Team Sonic Racing goes head to head with Crash Team Racing this summer, both of which are coming to the Nintendo Switch.


      1. If paid DLC, they better hope plenty of people are a fan of Infinite like me or it’s gonna sell abysmally.


  1. I want espio or sticks for speed, chaos zero for power, and tikal the echidna for technique. I also want the babylon rogues.


  2. I wish we had a few echo racers.

    eggman = eggman nega
    zavok = zomom
    Amy = sticks
    4 chao = cream
    Big = Chaos zero
    Knuckles = tikal
    Shadow = mephiles the dark
    Blaze = espio


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