Video: Team Sonic Racing: Overdrive Animation Part 1

Following the success of the Sonic Mania animated series which is available online, SEGA has announced today that they have produced a new two part animated series for Team Sonic Racing titled, Team Sonic Racing: Overdrive. The animation is produced by Tyson Hesse and Neko Productions and part 1 is now available to watch in the tweet below.


  1. The moment they force me to play as big the cat and omochao, I’m going back to sonic and all stars racing transformed.


    1. I want cream the rabbit too. I would like chaos zero and sticks the badger too. I won’t buy this game if cream is not playable. It has been 7 full years since sonic generations. (the last sonic game I noticed cream the rabbit having a speaking role). I don’t play speed battle, phone mobiles or Olympic games. The ”too young” excuse is not good because baby mario is younger than cream and he can drive vehicles. Cream and chaos zero should have been on Amy’s team. Big and the 4 chao could have been optional dlc. #WhereIsCreamTheRabbitSega?


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