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Cuphead Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch On April 18th

Today’s Nindies Direct started out with a bombshell. Cuphead is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game can be pre-purchased from the Nintendo Switch eShop right now, and the game will release on April 18th. Nintendo thanked “our friends at Microsoft” for helping to bring the game to the console. The official trailer has been provided for you down below.


    1. This is not a microsoft game so I donโ€™t see how that rumor has anything to do with this.

      1. To reiterate: Ori was leaked by a retailer and Super Lucky’s Tale appeared on a Gearbox employee’s CV. Either Nintendo and Microsoft have come to some kind of distribution deal together or MS is slowly going third party.

        Pick one.

  1. Oh no… I can already see all the comments:

    “Now we want Mario / Pokรฉmon / Bayonetta / Zelda (insert successfull nintendo exclusive title here) for XBOX”

    1. You know Bayonetta has been on an Xbox console before, right? Stop treating it like a Nintendo IP.

      1. while Bayonetta is a 3rd party game it sure feels like a Nintendo 1st (or at least 2nd) party. Bayonetta will forever be a Nintendo exclusive as long as Sony and Microsoft decide to change their minds and want Bayonetta on their platform until then treat Bayonetta as a Nintendo 1st/2nd party title.

  2. Oh look. ANOTHER Microsoft IP on the Switch. Just put Halo on Switch and get it over with already.

  3. so is PlayStation still the best place to play on since it will never get this game? i know other people think Cuphead is an overrated game, regardless this makes Sony less irreverent or in this case ‘BeSt PlAcE tO pLaY oN’

  4. I was prepared to make fun of this game, but it actually looks kinda cool. Stupid name and character (the cupheads), but really gives that retro Mickey Mouse cartoon vibe. But, is it ONLY a stupid digital-only game? As long as it’s only digital, it still don’t exist.

    1. It’s basically Dark Souls but a 2D sidescroller instead of a 3D environment. So if you don’t like the idea of maddeningly difficult games, you probably wouldn’t care for it even if it was a physical game.

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