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Famitsu: Splatoon 2 For Nintendo Switch Has Shifted 3 Million Units In Japan

Japanese sales tracker Famitsu has revealed that the immensely fun Splatoon 2 has now shifted 3 million units. That means that it is now one of the best-selling games of the generation in Japan. I believe the best-selling is Monster Hunter World for this generation of consoles. Super Smash Bros Ultimate could well be the next big Nintendo Switch title to reach 3 million.



  1. Every week ultimate is catching up with Splatoon so it won’t be long till it overtakes especially considering Splatoon has been out for over a year longer

  2. Why do you believe, Monster Hunter World has sold more than Splatoon 2? 🤨 It was around 2 millon, before disappearing completly from the charts.

  3. PC sales were very good for Monster Hunter: World.
    Could possibly be over a million PC sales of it in Japan, but that’s guess work on my part.

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