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Video: Here’s The Accolades Trailer For Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn

Nintendo has unveiled a new trailer for Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, highlighting some of the positive things critics had to say about the recently-released Nintendo 3DS title. The game revolves around Kirby with a yarn body, which allows him to transform into knitted objects like tanks and flying saucers within a yarn world in need of saving. Kirby is also equipped with new ravel moves that mimic his classic copy abilities, adding something new to every stage.

8 thoughts on “Video: Here’s The Accolades Trailer For Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn”

    1. Nope. Kirby fans in general tend to dislike this title. Only critics sold on the visual gimmick alone praise the game like crazy. The power driven action platforming that fans admire about the franchise has never been respected by mainstream critics who don’t get why Kirby isn’t Mario or some other non sense.

      1. I think I understand now. Because of the fun art style everything else was just kind of masked by all of the colorful yarn. Strange how critics adore this game but anyone I ask about it just kind of cringes.

  1. So who pissed Kirby off this time, who is gonna be the true baddie that Kirby inadvertently releases, and who is gonna force Kirby to stop the baddie? (I watched Game Theory’s Kirby…Dream Land’s Biggest THREAT! video, so maybe I should get more into Kirby. I’ve always did like the idea of playing anti-heroes.)

      1. To each their own as I think his videos are awesome. And he doesn’t call Kirby a bad guy. He’s just not a hero, either. And I’d have to agree. You aren’t a real hero if you only go and fight the so called bad guy because they did something to you, inadvertently release the actual bad guy, & then beat said bad guy THEY released only after someone else made them go stop said bad guy. You don’t get to cause a fire, for example, put out said fire you started because someone else made you put it out, & then call yourself a hero afterwards.

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