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ARMS: Ninjara Has Defeated Ribbon Girl

The second ARMS Party Crash Bash tournament took place over the weekend and it proved to be an exciting battle. Ninjara took the win at a ration of 56%-44% against Ribbon Girl. Ninjara next battle is between Mechanica or Dr. Coyle. One of the pairing has already been confirmed for the semi-final and that’s between Twintelle vs Min Min.



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    Ninjara and Ribbon Girl have always been the most used ARMS characters.

    They’re great when it comes to their mobility and a good arm combo.

    I know they’d face each other eventually in an ARMS Party Crash Bash.

    Ribbon Girl is great but I always place my bet on Ninjara.

    Using him is easy.

    Good job to Ribbon Girl.

    Kudos to Ninjara!

  2. By the playtimes recorded in my switch friendlist, people are playing it as much as Splatoon. It’s indeed a very addictive game. I myself cannot resist playing from time to time. It’s one of my favourite games.

  3. Ninjara is so damn hard to fight against if you aren’t used to him. He has great mobility.

  4. I REALLY hope Ninjara wins the entire competition!

    My highest hopes in the form of Spring Man, Springtron, Misango, even Max Brass already lost.

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