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Video: Joker, As Well As The Version 3.0 Update, Is Coming To Super Smash Bros Ultimate On April 17th

At long last, Nintendo has revealed the contents of the big 3.0 update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including the arrival of Joker. Joker, as well as the update, will be coming on April 17th. Stage Builder is coming, as well as much more. The video has been uploaded to Nintendo’s official YouTube channel, so you can see it for yourself down below.


    1. Square Enix was apparently being very stingy of Cloud usage within the game. It’s Square’s fault, not Nintendo’s.

      1. Lmao cloud was literally a last minute addition in story mode so your not lying, I don’t see why people want more square characters because if they appear there just gonna get the cloud treatment

  1. Now I’m suddenly worried about Home Run Contest, was that mode cut or something?

  2. When I heard Mementos was likely Joker’s stage from the datamining, I predicted subway trains would be a stage hazard. Now that I’ve seen footage, I can say…

    CALLED IT! Not confirmed if they instant KO at over 100% damage like I speculated yet, but still, called it!

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