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Nikkei (Gematsu Translation): Smaller Nintendo Switch Coming This Autumn, “Next-Gen” Switch To Follow

Note: It turns out the original USGamer’s English translation of yesterday’s The Nikkei article wasn’t quite correct. Our report on that has been deleted and replaced by a more accurate interpretation of the article. Read on for more!

New Article: Japanese publication The Nikkei is reporting that they have heard that Nintendo’s rumoured smaller Nintendo Switch model, which is designed for portable use, will be with us this autumn. The device will be cheaper than the current Nintendo Switch system that we currently have. It will also be dockable like the current Switch model, so you can continue your video game on your TV.

The Nikkei also reports that Nintendo is currently working on a “next-generation device that is a full model change of the current hardware” so basically a Nintendo Switch 2. This will follow the less-expensive model, but there’s no clear release date for this model as of now. Nintendo is trying out a number of things on this model and the system’s development is currently in a state where “it is not clear who will lead the creation of the concept.”

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22 thoughts on “Nikkei (Gematsu Translation): Smaller Nintendo Switch Coming This Autumn, “Next-Gen” Switch To Follow”

  1. This is so clearly fake. The Switch is only two years old and Nintendo clearly wants the Switch to live for 5-7 years at least. And I love how they keep pushing back the date for this hypothetical Switch Mini because its fake

    1. Is that a joke? If Nintendo wants the Switch to last that long, they’re going to need to bring a new model to keep sales going and to stay on par with Sony and etc.

      1. No they dont. most consoles last 5-7 years. most nintendo last that long without any sort of upgrade except for the WiiU. but even that lasted until 2016.

        Im not denying the possibility of an upgrade, but they certainly dont “Need” it. the new 3ds was an ugrade that I feel like didnt really NEED to happen but it helped. most games made specifically for the console wasnt even all that important to the line up except probably minecraft and maybe Xenoblade

        1. But it’s not like it has to follow the life of the n3DS. If anything, I’m guessing Nintendo has learned from it. I do think an upgrade might be needed with the Switch so behind on specs, but I don’t think it’ll be necessary if they’re not going to make any nSwitch only games. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, really.

    2. Fun fact:
      Did you know Companies start developing next gen hardware right after the launch of their current system?
      Weird, right? It’s almost like this newer more powerful Switch is basically just like the PS5 and NeXbox consoles and have been in development since launch of the their previous counterparts oOo

      1. Your sarcastic tone pleases me greatly. You’re right though. Nintendo and other companies are always working on new devices behind closed doors. I personally hope this “Next Gen” Switch is more of a super-powered refresh.

    3. But the switch came out in the wrong time in my opinion, in the next few years gaming will change with new tech/specs and Google stadia is a thing now but the switch tech is far behind it only runs old game yes there are new third parties games but not the big one so if the switch doesn’t change we’ll only be getting indie title

  2. Is Nintendo working on a next-gen system? OF COURSE THEY ARE!!! Will the Switch 2 release within the next 2 years? YOU BE IT WON’T!!!

  3. I wish they would release a Switch 2, or a Switch Pro, or something like that. I’d happily shell out for a more powerful Switch, especially one with more durable joycons (that is the challenge though—if they make the system any larger, how to handle the size of the joycons)

  4. Gime one piece handheld Switch with better plastic and better endurance of joysticks and some(like gbc or gba) colors variation and yes i again buy it..

  5. The next PlayStation has already been announced so expect it either in late 2020, or early to mid-2021. (If mid-2021, I predict maybe a month after E3 2021.) And Xbox One’s successor is no doubt just around the corner, too. Wanting the Switch to be around for 5-7 years sadly isn’t a smart move lest Nintendo fall behind AGAIN. Even with the Switch being a portable home console and probably not that far behind the base PS4 & Xbox One, they are only getting as far as they have because PS4 & XBox One’s Pro and X upgrades (respectively,) which are even further ahead of the Switch in power, don’t have exclusive games as they use games made for the base PS4 & XBOne. PS5 & the next Xbox are gonna be even stronger than Pro & X and WILL have their own exclusive games made to take advantage of their power. If you think Switch missing some games is bad now, just wait til they come out. The portable factor of the Switch is sadly only gonna get that system so far before it’s power starts to hinder it. Being part handheld is not gonna do the Switch any favors in the long run. (It’d be nice if I get proven wrong but the past says otherwise.)

    1. Sadly what your saying has a lot of truth.
      It’s games like elder 6 which won’t grace a Nintendo console unless they get with it.
      Maybe Nintendo will/are working on a powerful home only console which could be released around end of 2021.
      This would be a smart move with the switch still proving popular for portable gaming with regular upgrades like the 3ds’.

      1. If they can get another hybrid system out that can compete with the more powerful systems with little to no issues from the handheld side of things, I’m in full support of that. Hybrid consoles can be the future if you can eliminate the issues that a powerful handheld on par with the power of a home console would have. Currently, you can’t do that as a handheld would overheat & most likely burn out. That’s why home consoles have an internal fan so as to keep the system from overheating. You can’t do that with a handheld (right now) as a fan would require a lot of breathing room and handhelds are too small for that.

    2. They are completely different systems, even with a new console they would be unable to offer something similar in power to the PS5, not even three years later. Nintendo need to focus on the versatility of their concept because people like to play at home and while commuting. Sales tell so. With the next generation it will be able to run PS4 quality games, and that’s all. Better you adapt to this new course, because it will not change, or just buy two consoles with different technologies. I play with my PC and my Switch, for example.

      P.S.: Obviously it’s good that they are offering the best portable technology, don’t want to see GameBoy mediocrity in the future (it’s a different time, people expect good graphics).

      1. Good thing I don’t need to adapt as I’m not foolish enough to stick with just one system these days. Got my PS4 (and PS5 whenever that releases) to get multi-plat games on. I’ve been sticking with my “exclusives only” plan for Switch, and I don’t see myself changing that any time soon. So if the day ever comes that this hybrid route Ninty is on backfires in their faces and causes them to fall a gen or more behind again like the Wii & Wii U eras did, I won’t be one of the people to suffer game droughts if 3rd parties decide to jump ship once again.

        If Nintendo want hold their games back to fit the hybrid in spite of any flaws that come with it, fine by me. I prefer Ninty come up with new artstyles for their games (like Legend of Zelda) anyway instead of chasing after the next best “realistic” graphics that comes along. Some fantasy games are much better when they aren’t made to look realistic.

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