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Video: Fire Emblem Heroes – Special Heroes (A Season for Picnics)

Nintendo of America has announced that you will soon be able to battle four special heroes in the smartphone game, Fire Emblem: Heroes. The four heroes will be added alongside the new paralogue story which is titled A Season for Picnics on 19th April at 12am PT. Here’s the four special heroes who will be joining the party:

  • Flora (voiced by Julie Ann Taylor, illustrated by Hako)
  • Lukas (voiced by Greg Chun, illustrated by Cuboon)
  • Genny (voiced by Claudia Lenz, illustrated by Amagaitaro)
  • Felicia (voiced by Connor Kelley, illustrated by Hako)

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4 thoughts on “Video: Fire Emblem Heroes – Special Heroes (A Season for Picnics)”

  1. I stopped playing the game a long while ago, but I do find enjoyment in seeing who they will use in a banner next. And finally, this one is a refreshing change of faces.

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