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Video: Super Slime Arena Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2019

Dangen Entertainment and developer JellyTeam have been working on Super Slime Area for Nintendo’s current system. The game is a 16-bit party fighting game and it looks rather fun judging from the newly released trailer provided by Dangen Entertainment. Here’s an overview of what to expect from the game once it launches later this year:


Super Slime Arena is a multiplayer party fighting game embracing equal parts accessibility and chaos. Every slime has a unique attack and every attack is a one-hit-KO. Every time your slime gets KO’d, you respawn as a different character. True mastery demands understanding of 32 slimes with unique qualities, and learning how their abilities interact in over a thousand possible match-ups!

Key Features

  • Play on 12 unique stages in five different game modes. Dive into the chaotic action of Shuffle mode, or carefully consider each matchup while picking and counter-picking slimes for Elimination mode. Explore the wilds of the Rainbow Jungle, ricochet off walls in Lucky Neko Pinball, or fight between high-speed trains at Slime Station.
  • Enjoy handmade 16-bit pixel art backgrounds and an original, retro-inspired soundtrack from various artists.
  • Fight with all of your friends, and all of your controllers! Enter the arena using nearly any controller from retro to modern, fight sticks or flight sticks, plastic guitars and bongos!
  • Inspired by a plethora of 90s Japanese console games and modern party game classics, Super Slime Arena seeks to capture the unique joy of playing together in a friendly and approachable fighting game for everyone!


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