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Japan: Chrono Trigger Voted Best Video Game

Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu has revealed that the classic Super Nintendo RPG Chrono Trigger has been voted the best video game by 7,100 readers. The lengthy game was voted the best game of the Heisei Period, which is the period between 8th January 1989 – 30th April 2019. Chrono Trigger was followed by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in second place and NieR: Automata by Platinum Games in third.


22 thoughts on “Japan: Chrono Trigger Voted Best Video Game”

      1. Maรฎtre Concombre

        I see you’re a man of culture as well ^^. But, seriously, even if I prefer Suikoden II to Chrono Trigger, it’s not surprising that it’s this game that gets the award. And, even so, I’m glad it’s Chrono Trigger and not shite like Fortnite. Chrono Trigger is
        still an excellent game.

        1. Definitely an excellent game, still not top. Suikoden II got a far deeper storyline, it’s deeper in everything. First time an RPG got the sequence of events of so many characters together, it’s the forerunner of Octopath Traveller, and still unbeated. Also lot of different scenery/content.

    1. Indeed it’s a great game. I’ve played for the first time on the DS as an adult, and it still impressed me. No nostalgia on this one. It’s just a fantastic game.

  1. Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, & Super Metroid are what I’d like to actually call masterpieces of the industry. I can’t see any flaws in them from my perspective. If there was ever gonna be a Mt Rushmore of Retro Games, Crono, Mario with his SMW design, & Samus with her SM design would be 3 of the 4 on that giant sculpture.

    As for this list, I’d actually switch Breath of the Wild with NieR: Automata. Sorry, not sorry.

      1. I can never understand why some people don’t like Breath Of The Wild. BOTW is the first Zelda game to finally knock Ocarina Of Time off of my # 1 favorite Zelda games list. Although I hated how whiny Princess Zelda was (and how she wasn’t in the main game, but only mainly in memories), and I wish that the regular Ganon was the villain instead of this weird Calamity Ganon, this game’s vast world and play mechanics became addicting to me and I fell in love with it. I didn’t even care too much about it not having traditional dungeons. I loved searching for (and completing) all of the shrines.

  2. I’d love to see a Chrono Trigger remake with modern graphics (possibly a 3D world). This is definitely one game that deserves to be brought to the modern generation. Took me a while to get into this game back in the day (due to not being a fan of the Japanese art style, or anime in general). But once I played long enough to understand the controls and story, it got me hooked. It’s a very special game with a strong, powerful and deep story.

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