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Japan: A Super Mario Maker 2 Advertisement Has Appeared That Contains New Details

Super Mario Maker 2 is just 2 months away from its June 28th release, and there is still a lot about the game that Nintendo has not revealed yet. Well, an advertisement for the game that has appeared at a Japanese store has some in-game screenshots that provide some new information. Cat Bowser, dynamic water in Super Mario Bros. and the likely return of amiibo costumes are just a few of the things that were uncovered. A picture of the advertisement was originally tweeted by Mark Cooper, so you can see his tweet, as well as a GameXplain video that analyzes the ad for the new details, down below.


  1. Gotta say I would prefer them only focusing on one theme (like only the NSMB-appearance) and using the gained ressources for adding more content, mechanics and just things they might not have time and budget for.

    Don’t get me wrong, the themes are fine, but as someone creating graphics for a living, I understand it must be quite time and costexpensive to create EVERY OBJECT for 4 (or more) themes. And if I could chose, I’d chose to use these ressources for more gameplay over such a gimmick. I know they won’t do that of course, as it’s a designchoice made in order to emphasize their legacy. But for the game as a whole it feels like it’s being held back by it.

    1. Kind of an odd thing to say considering no one really has a full idea of how much content and how many options will be in this game. I don’t really think you could accuse the original for having a lack of content and it’s almost certain to add in most of the things people felt were missing. They’re also using (mostly) pre-existing assets so I doubt much of the development time was spent of that.

      1. P Edwards is kind of right. As a graphic designer myself, I understand the time spent having to create and work on textures and graphics. However, most of those items are already existing. I suppose I am no code guru, but I know that if they have existing items, the code already exists. You can easily go back and either reuse or alter the code for Super Mario Maker 2. I would not assume it to be that difficult, just timely. As well, we do not know all of the content that is in Super Mario Maker 2, so we should hold our opinion.

  2. It just occurred to me; With the return of the angry sun, that means he will finally get his own 3D Model!

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