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Nintendo Has Announced That Super Mario Maker 2 Will Release On June 28th

It was only a matter of time, but Nintendo has officially announced when Super Mario Maker 2 will release. Nintendo has tweeted that the game will release on the Nintendo Switch on June 28th, which is about 2 months away from now, and 15 days after E3 2019 ends. Nintendo’s announcement tweet can be seen down below, so feel free to check it out.


  1. I don’t know what I was expecting. I wish they’d just said it was coming out July 2019 so I wouldn’t keep hoping it would be earlier

  2. I cannot wait to get stuck into mm2.
    Iโ€™m really looking forward to this one.
    Thisโ€™ll be up there with hrs spent playing like smash and botw.

  3. Now make Super Mario Maker 3 immediately. We know how lazy Nintendo is once they release a game. They wait 8 to 10 years later for another one.

      1. Loom at the results of Metroid, and Pikmin 4. Where they at? But if they make a game without taking a break on it right away the game of a sequal closes the gap.

          1. Metroid came out on the Wii over 10 years ago. Obviously they dodnt work on the game immediately . if they did it wouldnt had skipped Wii U. If they worked on the game immediately and took their time it wouldnt be faulty. Pikmin 2 was worked on immediately it wasnt faulty. Resident Evil series are usually worked on immediately it wasnt faulty, they can make Pokemon tittles immediately and even give a pokemon tittle a facelift.
            Facts after Nintendo makes and releases a game they dont do nothing until 7 years later.

  4. Please, PLEASE DON’T DELAY IT. I will literally die. Well, on second thought, I haven’t died yet even though Nintendo delays literally everything.

    1. Considering how close that date is, I think they’re probably confident that it won’t suffer a delay.
      The ones I’m more concerned about are Luigi’s Mansion and Animal Crossing.
      Especially since we still have no actual footage of AC.

      1. All I ever do is wait for Luigi’s Mansion games.. honestly, this is getting out of hand. Hopefully this doesn’t go like Crafted World, where we literally didn’t see ANYTHING at ALL for an entire year. Ugh.

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