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The Official Super Mario Maker 2 Site Has Been Updated To Say That A Full Version Of The Site Is Coming “Soon”

The official website for Super Mario Maker 2 has been updated. The website now states that a full version of the site is coming “soon”. More information about the game has been expected a little while now.  Nintendo implied in the last general Direct that there’s more information to come, and the game is only a couple of months away from its June 2019 release, so an exact release date should be coming very soon. The site also included a “pipe rocket”, suggesting that this element will be in Super Mario Maker 2. You can see a picture of it down below.



  1. That pipe rocket is a glorious sight to behold. I hope this game is so broken that anything’s possible!

  2. Joker’s “coming soon”, Mario Maker 2 info is “coming soon”, he’s coming soon, she’s coming soon, you’re coming soon, I’M coming soon! Are there any OTHER “coming soon”‘s I should know about?

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