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SEGA Acquires Two Point Studios

SEGA has acquired yet another studio and this time it is Two Point Studios. Some of you may be familiar with their title Two Point Hospital. The team is very pleased to be acquired by SEGA and promises that more exciting management simulators will be coming. We’ve included the company’s tweet below. Good luck, Two Point Studios!


  1. *Sigh* Another Sega-not-Sega company to potentially waste character slots in Smash bros. And here, I thought the days of wasted character slots where over.

    1. I get what you mean.

      SEGA acquired Atlas, and Joker got into Smash, as opposed to NiGHTS (NiGHTS into dreams). Bayonetta is also debatable SEGA IP, even though she’s better known as a Platinum Games IP. I guess Sakurai saw her as a “popular IP” rather than a second SEGA rep. And that I find annoying.

      What’s that supposed to say about SEGA’s created franchises that aren’t Sonic?

      But in this case, SEGA is just buying up property for grabs. Anyone remember the days when SEGA used to focus on their other IPs in addition to Sonic? It’s like Namco with their Bandai/anime properties, instead of Pac-Man World, Dig-Dug, Klonoa, Mappy, etc.

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